Ubisoft Shocks The Division 2 Fans With Continued Support

The Division 2

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment’s The Division 2 released back on March 8, 2016, the anticipated title received generally positive reviews due to its predecessor’s success, praised for its tight and satisfying gameplay by Destructoid.

The Division 2 came with a robust Year 1 content roadmap starting with Invasion: Battle for D.C., which introduced the game’s first 8 men Raid, three new specializations, and a further three expansions that added more narrative and content.

Year 2 content saw a new map and multi-tier world system introduced, in the way of Warlords of New York, which tasked the player with taking down a rogue Division cell and rewarding the player with new unique skills and battle pass for unlockables.

Fans assumed earlier in the year that update 12, which released in December last year and added a lot of being content, particularly for those who have the latest DLC, would be the last content update for the title, would be the last major update titled End of watch it is easy to see why that assumption was reached, Ubisoft, however, announced on February 13 that even though they are hard at work on the new open-world Star Wars game, more content was on the horizon for The Division 2.

In a social media post on Twitter and Reddit Massive started that the plans for Division 2 had changed, whereas the original plan was that update 12 would be the last content update for the title, the studio has decided to reverse course.

“Some of you had noticed that Title Update 12 was originally meant to be the last major Title Update for The Division 2,” Ubisoft said on Twitter Friday afternoon. “but thanks to your continued support, we are now in the early stages of development for fresh content to release later in 2021. While it is still too early to go into more details today, you won’t have to wait too long, as we will share more as soon as we can.”

Apart from the above statement, no further light has been shed on the details of the future content, save the fact that it is coming this year. Fans of the series are left to speculate as to the nature of the content, but for many, this is good news as support for a game that is allowing social activity with friends is continuing to be supported during the continued global crisis, we look forward to hearing more on this future update and what it contains.

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