The Last Of Us Has A PS5 Remake In Development

The Last Of Us Remake PS5

Amongst numerous stories emerging around Sony’s relationship with its first-party studios is information around a potential PS5 remake of 2013’s The Last of Us. This project was originally the work of the Visual Arts Service Group, a studio that has previously assisted other Sony developers on titles like Spider-Man or the Uncharted series. Wanting to try and create their own game, the team first planned to remake Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, but eventually settled on another Naughty Dog title in The Last of Us.

However, the project has apparently not gone smoothly up to now, with the Visual Arts Service Group receiving no extra funding from Sony for the project. Naughty Dog were then assigned to take over the project, with the Service Group again relegated to an assistance role. Although this group is now largely disbanded, Naughty Dog is apparently still working on the remake under the codename T1X. With the remake supposedly still early in the development process, Sony’s plans around the project may yet change further.

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