Techland And Microsoft Deal Potentially On The Horizon


Recently, the upcoming open-world survival horror Dying Light 2 from Techland was delayed indefinitely. Originally, it was set for release in 2019 the game has seen multiple delays from a vague spring Q2 2020 release to now an undisclosed time, which Techland’s yet to announce.

Also recently, Microsoft‘s Phil Spencer reported to media that the company would be making another Bethesda-sized acquisition in near future,
now new insider information could explain this delay and why Techland is yet to specify a release date.

As Xbox fans are aware, there are rumors of Microsoft’s effort to acquire a studio from Poland that have been circulating the internet since 2019. No acquisitions or studio names were mentioned along the way, however. Now the rumor has returned with a clear focus.

In a recent Defining Duke podcast with YouTuber Jeremy “ACG” Penter made claims that Microsoft are seeking to purchase a 2020 game exclusively, but in the process of doing so would also acquire the developer and publisher, the content creator doesn’t mention Techland specifically.

The additional information came instead from a second source inside and/or leaker known as Shpeshal Ed on Twitter, Ed states that after “digging around” they found that ACG was referring to Techland and Dying Light 2. Ed doesn’t guarantee this is the case, however.

According to this rumor, Microsoft is or has made a deal with Techland for exclusivity not just to Dying Light but the developer itself, the leak doesn’t make it known if Microsoft is still pursuing a deal or even if one has already been made, the leaks also offer no concrete evidence or sources, ACG’s got a mixed track record with predictions, but as for Shpeshal Ed, who is a much more credible source with a long list of accurate leaks.

However, as with most rumors, these rumors have not appeared out of nowhere, other rumors could be tied to this deal, if accurate.

In January Techland mentioned news for Dying Light would come soon, another rumor says there is a yet unannounced Microsoft event in February, and Microsoft are holding a submit on AI and gaming research at the end of the month, although have stated that no gaming announcement would be made.

For the near future, we would advise Xbox fans and those anticipating Dying light 2 to take this rumor with a grain of salt, Microsoft will likely make more acquisitions down the road as part of their much more aggressive road map for Series X over the last generation, alas not all rumors can be true, however, news of Techland and Dying Lights future will be revealed in the coming week and months.

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