Smuggler Simulator Illicitly Releasing In 2023

Smuggler Simulator

“Smuggling is an old profession, practiced around the world both in times of progressing globalisation and during trade wars, transport restrictions and mass closing of borders…” those are the words of Ralaf Jelonek, CEO of 3T Games, the studio determined to help you play out your drug smuggling dreams in their upcoming open-world game, Smuggler Simulator.

Though not slated for release until 2023, there’s a lot to be excited about a game from Ultimate Games S.A. who have a lot of titles under their belt, including Ultimate Fishing Simulator, Professional Fishing, and Esports Manager.

In Smuggler Simulator, you live out a Narcos fan’s dream as you play a smuggler trying to figure out how to make a profit in procedurally-generated missions and locations, ensuring that no playthrough will be the same. This digital interactive prospective criminal’s paradise will feature an extensive crafting system that will play a significant role in the creative solutions you must come up with to stay safe and make a profit in this take on the real-life world of smuggling.

Promising that “our new game will reward you with a big dose of adrenaline and humour [sic],” 3T Games’ pitch is definitely one many can get behind. Game of the Year 2023, anyone? 

Smuggler Simulator is expected to be released in 2023 for PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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