Silent Hill 4 Rereleases To PC Via GOG

Silent Hill 4: The Room

The fourth game in the iconic horror series, Silent Hill, has just gotten a surprise rerelease on PC. After a PEGI rating for the release was discovered a short while ago, GOG announced that they’d be releasing Silent Hill 4: The Room on their website. The game is currently on sale for $9.99/£7.19 on the digital store.

While the game originally released in 2004, this re-release includes a number of new environments to add to the supernatural horror players must confront. As Halloween approaches, exploring this game all over again is a perfect treat. Or perhaps we should say trick?

Also, this isn’t the first Konami game to get a PC release recently. Parts of the Metal Gear series, including Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2, were recently also released on GOG. On top of that, numerous Castlevania games were featured in a Konami bundle. Might we see more Konami games coming to PC soon?

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