Resident Souls: Resident Evil Village Impressions

Resident Evil is approaching its 25-year anniversary. On March 22, 1996, the franchise’s first entry entered the gaming industry and became an instant hit. Gamers all over the world experienced a new breed of survival horror that other IPs began to copy and now we’re all very eager to see how Resident Evil Village will play out.

Now in 2021, Capcom and the team behind the franchise are again innovating their prized IP with Resident Evil Village. The title is a first-person survival horror, much like Resident Evil 7, although Capcom has brought back all the features that fans loved in the older titles and added a few new ones.

Combat closely resembles that of Resident Evil 7, but now players have the ability to block enemy attacks, the Merchant has returned with a little holiday weight and a new title of Duke. Players now have the ability to craft various items and the ability to smash objects to find loot returns.

Enemies take on the appearance of what appear to be vampires and other fantasy characters, some being massive and resemble that of Dark Souls bosses. Combat looks intense and challenging with enemies that have supernatural abilities to contend with.

Capcom also announced two more projects, an exclusive PS5 demo, The Maiden, a stand-alone experience where players control a character separate from the main game, in what appears to be an Alien Isolation-inspired demo. Run and hide because you can’t attack or block. The demo is available for download now. Second, a multiplayer shooter that pits past Resident Evil characters against each other, which is free for anyone who purchases Resident Evil Village.

My impressions of the project are great – I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Not only does the combat look pretty solid, but the bosses look challenging and the story looks engaging. Village is set for release worldwide on May 7.

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