“No Plans” Exist To Change Halo Infinite Platforms Or Release

Following rumors centered around a ResetEra user claiming Halo Infinite will drop Xbox One support and potentially launch in 2022, John Junyszek, the Halo community manager for 343 Industries, has taken to Twitter to put peoples’ minds at ease. It isn’t planning to drop any console or launch in 2022.

On Twitter, Junyszek responded to a Halo champ questioning why he’s reading that Infinite will launch in 2022. In the most simplest way possible, he called them fake and assured him nothing has changed at all and that they’ll support Xbox One and have no plans to launch the game outside of its 2021 release window.

Halo Infinite has been a point of contention with fans. Its current build showed off certainly lacked a fair bit of depth that people expected and it did cause quite a stir when they announced it would delay the game to 2021 after its initial December 2020 launch.

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