No, Abandoned Is Not A Secret Hideo Kojima Game


In the games industry, many franchises make lasting impressions. There are also many creators behind those franchises that live on to become legends. None of these more so than Hideo Kojima, the creator of the iconic Metal Gear franchise. And many felt a spark of Kojima in Blue Box’s Abandoned.

Hideo Kojima is one of the industry’s few auteurs and began work back in the late 80s on the franchise that would make his name a household name in gaming circles, Metal Gear, a game that can be traced back to inventing the stealth game genre. However, it wouldn’t be until 1998 when Metal Gear Solid released for the PSX, that he got the recognition he deserved.

The franchise ran for many years until Hideo Kojima was fired from Konami after his work on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. There was also a demo PT that had been released during 2014’s E3 showcase and was received with great reviews. PT was graphically and immersively compelling, enrapturing nearly the entire industry. Once finished, the demo was revealed to be a teaser for the next Silent Hill installment. Unfortunately, the title was canceled when Hideo Kojima was fired.

Fans were given hope, however, when a rumor began its rounds that gaming studio, Blue Box, was to begin work on a reboot of the original Silent Hill, with the help of the legendary director Hideo Kojima.

It could have been speculated that Blue Box had been asked to work on one remaster of Metal Gear Solid and a remake of Silent Hill, both would be exclusive to PlayStation. Many leaks had alluded to Blue Box working on a horror title with Hideo Kojima, but a recent social media post on Twitter by @Renka_Shedule has cleared up the confusion.

The tweet states that Blue Box is hard at work on their very first original title, Abandoned, and provides a link to a statement issued by Blue Box that confirmed the title is in no way linked to Hideo Kojima, but that they look forward to showing gameplay of their very first original AAA title soon.

One can only assume from the title that Abandoned would be a horror game of sorts and likely a PlayStation exclusive, but beyond that, no details are provided. It seems like we will have to wait for more details when the gameplay trailer is released.

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