Nintendo Switch Dominates 2020 Console Sales In Japan

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo managed to dominate the console market in 2020, with the Nintendo Switch accounting for a whopping 87 percent in Japan. The portable hybrid console sold a total of around six million units in 2020 alone across both the regular Switch and Switch Lite.

Nintendo’s console was well ahead of its competition with the PS4 and PS5 accounting for 543K and just over 255K respectively. The Japanese gaming market even went up to generating 3.5 billion, which is 12.5 percent above 2019’s report.

The success of the Nintendo Switch isn’t a huge shock. 2020 was fraught with disappointment with studios forced to work from home and delay many anticipated games, sometimes more than once. But, on the other hand, Nintendo gave players things to do with the likes of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which sold near six million units since its March launch.

The hybrid console also made waves outside of Japan, marking 2020 as its second-best year in the US, only surpassed by 2008’s Wii.

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