Microsoft Issues Statement Discouraging Apple Pull Epic Games’ SDK Support

Microsoft supports Epic Games

Microsoft has shared its support of Epic Games amid its very much public feud with Apple. In a statement signed by gaming developer experiences general manager, Kevin Gammill, the statement cited how important the Unreal Engine is for many developers.

Following a public spat between Epic Games after Apple pulled Fortnite from the Apple App Store, the major fruit-named tech company threatened to pull Epic’s access to Apple’s SDK. The main point of contention that Microsoft’s statement points out is how long it takes to develop a game. It isn’t just a single month to develop every game, plenty take years to perfect on the engine and if Epic loses support to the SDK, this can put stress on the developer to redo the game all over again in another engine or simply scrap the project altogether.

Microsoft also bundled themselves in with the crowd as they have a multi-year deal with the Fortnite developer, which also maintains the massively popular Unreal Engine. As it stands, Microsoft has games across all platforms including mobile devices (including Apple devices), which could hinder its ability to provide the games they promised, particularly, they cited Forza Street, which is available on iOS and MacOS, but without support, it could lead to a serious disadvantage.

Whether you see this as Microsoft covering themselves above all else, it’s also defending the independent developers who have worked hard to make a mobile game through the use of the Unreal Engine.

The very much public fight between the two major companies sparked after Fortnite was pulled from the App Store for including an in-game payment system that bypassed Apple’s 30 percent cut. This went directly against Apple’s TOS and this didn’t sit well with Epic.

They went about parodying the 1884 Apple commercial in-game, leading to #FreeFortnite trending that day, and issuing a lawsuit against them.

Currently, Fortnite is raring up to launch Chapter 2’s Season 4, which will reunite the Epic team with Marvel.

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