Introducing Razer Anzu, Razer’s New Smart Glasses

Razer Anzu

With the games industry and gaming as a whole on the rise, more and more people are investing in consoles or PCs, with that comes to an additional investment with the need to accessorize, from a pricey headset to a distant camera and peripherals like VR or motion controls, accessories even go as far as specially design glasses to reduce blue light from monitors that reduce the likelihood of migraines.

The following information comes from an industry insider that would prefer to remain anonymous, but needless to say, it seems to be accurate as the pictures would indicate, Razer even provided a legal disclaimer that the information was confidential as the product hasn’t been announced.

Razer, a leading technology manufacturer in all things PC, also knows this and design accessories to complement their product line, well now they have taken it one step closer introducing the Razer Anzu.

This set of blue light glasses are not your average pair, they come with a built-in blue light filter or polarized sunglasses for everyday use when gaming or going to the beach, a microphone and low latency speakers for seamless immersive sound, although sound quality is not included in the leak, touch-enabled, and voice assistant compatible, for convenient intuitive smart control, likely meaning they could be linked to a multitude of smart devices, more than five hours battery life “to power through your day,” waster resistant IPX4 for piece of mind, and includes charging cable, cleaning cloth, and a carrying case.

These truly look to be the next generation of gaming glasses and a sign that even accessories are leaping into the next-gen, no more bulky headsets for those hardcore gamers, and no more headaches after long gaming sessions, these glasses appear to be releasing on March 4, 2021, for a modest price of $199.99.

These next-generation gaming glasses will launch with 2 designs, and possibly expand into an even more stylish version if the product is successful, with the current trend of small tech and smart-enabled devices becoming even more popular than ever, it would be safe to assume other manufacturers will most likely follow suit.

Razer is known for high-quality equipment from controllers to headsets to gaming keyboards and mice and a multitude of other peripherals, safe to say these glasses would be worth the asking price.

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