Halo Infinite Enlists Franchise Veteran To Help With Campaign

Halo Infinite

This month’s certainly been full of Halo-related rumors and news. Mostly tied to the rumored cancelation of Halo Infinite’s Xbox One support and potential delay to 2022, but luckily that’s been resolved. Instead of going further into that, it looks like a veteran Halo member is rejoining the team to help with the development of the latest entry.

Over on the official Halo website, which penned a post to formally dispel the falsified rumors, they also revealed that Joseph Staten will return to the team. He’s been enlisted to act as the game’s project lead for its campaign.

For context, Staten isn’t just some random developer they grabbed from the crowd. He has a seasoned, 15-year history with Bungie having been one of the driving forces to make Master Chief what he is today.

While initially slated for a December 2020 release, they delayed it to launch sometime in 2021, but there’s still no word as to exactly when.

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