Fallout: New Vegas The Frontier Gets January Release Date

Fan-made The Frontier for Fallout: New Vegas has officially been given a January 15, 2021 release date. It will land on Steam and players will be able to enjoy it as long as they have the base game and four other downloadable expansions. This is an exciting time for fans of the game, who for the first time, have been given the opportunity to contribute to the creation process.

Fallout: New Vegas first landed ten years ago and has been a firm fan favorite ever since. The unique gameplay and RPG style has meant that it has aged well, owing to the potentially limitless opportunities for additional downloadable content. Developers have been able to make many additions to the game over the years, offering fresh maps and missions for gamers to enjoy, while still retaining that distinct Fallout feeling.

“The Frontier” is a map based in wintery Oregon and offers a slew of new content for players to enjoy. Additional missions, monsters, weapons, armor, and improvements in visual effects, new vehicles, and voices for characters are all things we can look forward to. Teaser videos have been dropping online, giving fans a taste of what to expect, and so far, it is all looking incredibly impressive. No doubt we can expect more teasers as the release draws closer, offering plenty more to get excited about.

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