EA Has Come Full Circle To Make Skate 4


After Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’s huge success, EA thought they would take a crack at the extreme sport and brought us Skate, with its vastly different mechanics from the Tony Hawk franchise, wherein the player controlled the characters’ feet and hands instead of button combinations for different tricks, which brought it closer to a skating sim than an arcade game.

Set in an open world and incorporating player injury to bails, even having an entire game mode dedicated to how many broken bones you could make your character have “The Hall Of Meat.” Reception for the game was unprecedented for fans of the Tony Hawk series as they flocked to the new franchise.

Soon a sequel had been released, with enhanced graphics and mechanics it established the franchise as the new way to make skating games and became a series that fans adored, making way for a third in the trilogy.

Many years have passed since the last game released, but EA has recently tweeted out confirming they’re working on a new Skate, and to prove it, they formed an official studio dedicated to its development.

The studio is being led by Daniel McCulloch, former head of Xbox Live at Microsoft.

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