Counter-Strike Coaches Banned For Using Spectator Glitch

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Ah, even more people are getting banned for cheating. This happens quite a lot, but it isn’t quite so common for a coach to see the ban-hammer come down on them. That’s just what’s happened to three pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coaches after getting caught exploiting a pretty notable glitch.

The three coaches – which were coaching MIBR, Heroic, and Hard Legion – all had this ban slapped in their faces for six, 12, and 24 months respectively. The glitch the coaches all used the bug, which allowed them to secretly observe anywhere on the map. This meant nowhere was safe, even the spawn enemy spawn point. Apparently, it isn’t as hard as you’d think.

With that extra bit of knowledge, the coaches were able to guide their teams as they observed what the opposing team was planning. All three teams were – for obvious reasons – disqualified from the tournaments and the prize money, which totaled to around $11K. This snafu has halted the team’s eligibility in some pretty weighty tournaments, including ESL One Cologne.

The teams, to their part, did act quickly after the fact. MIBR, the most notable eSports team of the three cited that they put the coach on leave as they investigate the claims made against the coach.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, despite its age, remains a top-earner for many eSports players and remains quite popular among the masses.

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