44 Organizations Request European Commission Investigate Joy-Con Drift

Joy-Con drift

Nintendo continues to sell products that fail prematurely, which is harming consumers and the environment.” That is the subject line of the sternly-worded letter to the European Commission drafted by “44 independent consumer organizations from 32 countries,” according to VGC, which took aim at the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con drift problem.

In a more thorough examination of the specifics of why Joy-Con drift is happening, the letter lists two reasons:

Nintendo has made numerous attempts since the release of the Switch back in March 2017, but not only did the issue persist for many Switch users even after buying newer controllers, but customers with older joy-cons are expected to drop $70 to replace what should have never been broken in the first place. The letter states 88 percent of consumers are affected by this issue, but it’s unclear how that number is arrived at.

The letter reminds the European Commission that a Belgian member formally issued a notice to the Nintendo Switch producer to fix all defective units without charging the consumer.

“February 2020, our Belgian member Test Achats/Test Ankoop sent a letter of formal notice to the producer of the Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Europe GmbH) console calling the company to repair all the defected [sic] products free of charge and to publicly communicate about the defect of their product that can have an important impact on their lifetime.”

Nintendo initially agreed to follow these recommendations but failed to abide by them.

In the letter, it states BEUC will notify the Consumer Protection Cooperation network to initiate action against Nintendo in order to put a stop to what is noted as “unfair commercial practices of Nintendo” in regards to the Joy-Con drift.

Near the end of last year, Nintendo of America issued a statement indicating that in the future, there would be non-issue with Joy-Con drift, but it remains to be seen what Nintendo’s response will be to retroactive repairing of Joy-Con units that are already experiencing the issue.

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