FOV Magazine #1 Is Live, Free Digital

FOV Magazine

After a lengthy wait, we can finally say we’re living up to our “magazine” name! Part of me is dreading putting this out there while the other is simply like, “I’ll never do it unless I do it.” So, here it is — FOV Magazine #1.

Our debut issue of FOV Magazine is over on MagCloud as we speak, ready for you to pick up a copy. What’s more, since this is our first issue and we’re learning how to grow and formulate better, higher quality content, we’re not charging for a digital copy! I won’t promise we won’t down the line, but as it stands, I see no reason to.

This issue is compact and is full of cool things. In this issue, we tacked on some features to the magazine to bolster its content while keeping it decently evergreen. We list off some terrible levels in otherwise fantastic games. Our cover story this issue is a trip down explaining the history of Rockstar Games. That’s not all, though, you can read more!

This issue featured yours truly as both the EIC and layout designer. A majority of the content was contributed by:


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